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Welcome to Jewel Toolcraft
Stanley Alderman

past away on 04/08/14

Stanley the founder of Jewel Toolcraft funeral will be held on 04/08/14 at Robin Hood Cemetery in Solihull at 11:30am

We are a family and friends run company located in Sheldon Birmingham UK.

We are a family and friends run company, specialising in engineering, manufacturing, machining and have a cad design facility. We make all sorts of items in many different industries. here are just some of the things we make:
Tools - Ring sizing Equipment - Parts For Switch Gears - Shower Parts - Centrifugal Casting Machine Parts / Accessories - Model Locomotives ( live steam / battery driven) - Live Steam MK 1 Coach's & Wagons - Gym equipment ( repairs / specialist made to order) - Festival Crate Ground Hooks.

We started off, in the mid 1970's manufacturing tools for the jewellery trade, which led us to buying out the biggest ring sizing scale of Wheatsheaf. Since then we have been producing the brand of Wheatsheaf products worldwide and is the only accurate sizing equipment to size rings